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Image of SAVAGE CHOIR - Winter Of Probator [BOOTCAMP SERIES #11]

LAST COPIES! These copies all have tab dent in booklet which occurred during manufacturing process. We have been replacing booklets as we have sold them, but we have now run out of extra booklets. So these copies are as they were originally made with booklet issue. Buyer beware, if that sort of thing bothers you. These are the final copies we have on hand.

Winter Of Probator

SAVAGE CHOIR was originally formed in the early '80s, but changed their name to Deathmask and released a single album, Split the Atom, in 1986. Soon after it was issued, the band fell victim to record label woes and legal troubles which eventually caused a fracture between its members.

Vocalist Steve Ferrigno eventually rallied the remaining troops and reformed SAVAGE CHOIR, bringing on board a 17-year-old shredder named Guy Capuzzo. Together they ventured toward uncharted territories not only musically, but thematically, with Ferrigno penning lyrics to what would become an epic-styled concept album entitled, Winter of Probator.

Savage Choir had recorded and demoed nine of the ten planned songs for the album, when out of nowhere, the group abruptly disbanded. The Winter of Probator demos have been buried since that time, with absolutely no mention of the album or that era of the band anywhere.

This Divebomb Bootcamp reissue finally allows SAVAGE CHOIR’s epic concept album to see the release it has always deserved. As you'll agree, the fact that Winter of Probator sat in the vaults for over two decades is a crime against forward-thinking heavy metal.

Watchtower, Hades, Toxik, Realm and Mekong Delta

Limited Edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – new artwork by Steven Cobb – digitally remastered – band supplied photos – full color 12 page booklet with lyrics – new essay with Steve Ferrigno discussing band history and album concept

1. Coron, The Bringer Of Plague
2. Death's Winter Reign
3. My Dying World
4. Obey The Voice
5. War Gods of Atyrix
6. Trois Piece Breves
7. Season Of Hatred
8. The Trial
9. The Messiah