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LEVIATHEN - The Aggression Returns (Deluxe Edition)


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Led by guitarist/vocalist Joe Stumer, LEVIATHEN took shape in Bath, PA circa 1986. Having endured nearly a decade of slogging it out in the trenches, the trio's 1995 lineup was completed by Chris Dinan (bass/backing vocals) and Brian Riffle (drums). The Aggression Returns found the band dishing out eight tracks plus an AC/DC cover for over 35 minutes of a slightly rawer and more in-your-face take on the mixed-bag thrash metal style LEVIATHEN had nailed down with Onward Thru the Fog.

This abrasive tone was in large part inspired by Stumer's frustration with the industry's lack of appreciation for the diversity of LEVIATHEN's unique approach. After one final lineup change brought drummer Tony Dalmas into the fold, said frustration culminated in a name change to Skumbags and one last recording session: 1996's Sodomizing the Industry. Offering eight songs in nearly a half-hour, the material represented 10 years of D.I.Y. efforts failing to secure the attention they truly deserved, in the face of a genre that was being overrun by changing tides (and trends). While slightly more stripped down and pissed, however, LEVIATHEN still refused to bow to the groove nor grunge that was taking hold around them—essentially resulting in two full-lengths' worth of material being relegated to almost total obscurity.

So now, over 25 years after the fact, Divebomb Records looks forward to resurrecting the final recordings of LEVIATHEN / SKUMBAGS—on CD for the very first time. Freshly remastered by Jamie King Audio, the disc will come housed alongside a 20-page booklet packed with lyrics, photos, ephemera, and the final installment of a three-part interview with Joe Stumer. For the fans, by the fans!

The Aggression Returns (1995)
1. Mother Of Mercy
2. Guilty In Their Eyes
3. It Takes A Thief
4. Onward (Through the Fog)
5. I Hate You
6. Homeless
7. Brainwashed
8. The Weatherman
9. Let There Be Rock

Sodomizing The Industry (1996)
10. Influential Insanity
11. Blackjack
12. Visions
13. Pig
14. Love Of War
15. Regret
16. The March
17. I'm Flippin'
18. Skumbags