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KILLWHITNEYDEAD - Nothing Less Nothing More

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KILLWHITNEYDEAD, the band you love to hate is back at it, yet again. The “enigma” that once called Arizona home (though never having ever lived there) have quickly become one of North Carolina’s biggest metal acts. Three critically acclaimed releases, a documentary/live DVD, their first ever tour (a US headlining tour to boot) during 7 weeks in the summer of 2006 have all brought KWD to this explosive point. The aptly titled, Nothing Less Nothing More, is their fourth album and is all that fans have come to adore in KWD; tales of retribution, blast beats, sound clips, scathing vocals, a plethora of swanky solos and classic thrash metal. Upon returning from the road they entered The Basement Studios with their long time producer, Jamie King, and proceeded to churn out 24 new songs for fans to devour. Thirteen of those twenty four wound up on Nothing Less Nothing More.

Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore and Modern cinema.

01 Words Don’t Last Forever Your Wounds Will
02 Just When You Thought I Was Listening
03 Time To Teach Her A Lesson Called “Replaceable”
04 Put A Sock In It
05 Skip The Break Up Get To The Make Up
06 (Here’s An Idea) How About More Of Me & Less Of You
07 White Trash But Worth Every Cent
08 Losing Weight & Looking Great
09 Maybe Death Is A Gift
10 If Only My Eyes Were Loaded
11 You Getting Boom Boom With The Bridesmaids?
12 Stop Crying Just Start Dying
13 Funny Enough It Sounds Just Like Tainted Love (7” Single Version)

- “Losing Weight & Looking Great” MUSIC VIDEO