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CYCLONE TEMPLE - Land Of The Greed, Home Of The Depraved


Image of CYCLONE TEMPLE - Land Of The Greed, Home Of The Depraved


With Brian Troch on vocals in 1989, and still operating as Znöwhite—the old name remained until the group signed their deal with Combat Records—an eight-song outing was recorded on a four-track in the band's practice spot at the Space Place in Chicago. The sessions were in preparation for what was to become Znöwhite's Land of the Greed, Home of the Depraved full-length—songs that would largely see the light of day two years later on CYCLONE TEMPLE’s debut album, I Hate Therefore I Am, in 1991.

Also in 1991—and still with Troch—CYCLONE TEMPLE entered Medical Records with Brian Mitchell to lay down rough demos for the Building Errors in the Machine EP. These recordings finally lend insight into the "what ifs" long-pondered by fans yearning to have heard Brian's soulful rasp on CYCLONE TEMPLE’s later efforts. Of note is his handling of the harmonies during the chorus of "Down the Drain," or the arrangements in "Me, Myself & I"—one of the catchiest tunes from the group's post-Troch discography.

Few outside of the band themselves have ever heard these rare recordings, so 25-plus years later, it's incredibly exciting—and hard to believe—that Divebomb Records has been able to excavate these lost treasures from the personal collection of bassist Scott Schafer himself!

Land Of The Greed, Home Of The Depraved (Demo - 1989)
1. Sister (Until We Meet Again)
2. In God We Trust
3. March For Me - Die For Me
4. Public Enemy
5. Why
6. Drug Of The Masses
7. Born To Lose
8. Silence So Loud

Building Errors In The Machine (Demo - 1991)
9. Drug Of The Masses
10. Down The Drain
11. Me, Myself & I

Live Hatred (Captured at Alrosa Villa - Columbus, OH)
12. I Hate Therefore I Am
13. Words Are Just Words