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CJSS - Praise The Loud (Deluxe Edition)


Image of CJSS - Praise The Loud (Deluxe Edition)


Legendary guitarist David T. Chastain formed CJSS during the mid-'80s, bringing with him two former members—Mike Skimmerhorn (bass) and Les Sharp (drums)—of his prior outfit, Spike, alongside charismatic vocalist Russell Jinkens (formerly of Prizoner). The intention was for Chastain to focus on writing and performing his own original material in a manner true to his artistic vision. Based solely on the popularity of both Spike and Prizoner, more than 1,000 fans attended the very first CJSS live performance at Bogart's in Cincinnati, OH!

Having just released their debut full-length, World Gone Mad, in January of 1986, mere months later CJSS returned to Counterpart Creative Studios with Dale "Smitty" Smith to record sophomore outing, Praise The Loud. Their second full-length album to see the light during 1986—once again via Chastain's Leviathan Records—the LP's 38 minutes represent an adventurous affair that finds the songwriting fine-tuned toward an even catchier brand of scorching, fist-raising heavy metal. More live shows ensued, but the initially productive run of CJSS would begin to ease up in the years that followed (though David T. Chastain himself would remain highly active with a number of other projects).

Over 30 years after the fact, Divebomb Records is excited to present this expanded edition of Praise The Loud—for the first time ever on standalone CD! The core nine-song full-length has been bolstered by four rare demo tracks that never found their way onto a proper CJSS album. Fully remastered by Jamie King Audio, the set will be housed alongside a detailed booklet including a retrospective interview with David T. Chastain and Russell Jinkens. For the fans, by the fans!


1. Out Of Control
2. Land Of The Free
3. Don't Play With Fire
4. Praise The Loud
5. Citizen Of Hell
6. Danger
7. Metal Forever
8. Thunder And Lightning
9. The Bargain

10. Sands Of Time
11. There's Truth In The Fire
12. How Long
13. Movement QP827