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UPSIDE - Jim Beam and the American Dream


Image of UPSIDE - Jim Beam and the American Dream
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Four-piece Texas rock band, UPSIDE, has built rabid following across Midwest and Texas during the past three years through constant touring, commercial and college radio airplay, grassroots street teams, mad hacker skills and chaotic, whiskey-soaked rock shows. Their previous two DIY releases Scope Of History and High Heels And Hand Grenades released in 2003 and 2004 respectively, have sold in excess of 5,000 units. UPSIDE are now regularly headlining and supporting sold out shows at the region’s top club level venues (300-1000 capacity) with plans to tour the entire country in 2007.

Having supported such diverse acts like VELVET REVOLVER, HE IS LEGEND, GLASSJAW, BLUE OCTOBER AND BOWLING FOR SOUP, UPSIDE’s buzz, grows every day. Their eagerly and highly-anticipated new album, Jim Beam and the American Dream (produced by Danny Grady of INJECTED) is the first and only recording that falls under the rock genre UPSIDE humbly created for themselves: “Texas Party Metal.” Jim Beam and the American Dream is chock full of undeniable hooks, foot stomping/head banging rhythms and riffs so massive you cannot help but heave your horns towards the sky in thanks to the almighty god of rock. And just in case you were wondering: UPSIDE hates bands that wear eye shadow and carry journals, reality television and women’s basketball. They love whiskey, Texas, their Chevy van, and starting fights with Bright Eyes fans.

Rock N F*cking Roll!

01 Does This Make Me Look Dead?
02 Campfire Vampires
03 Monday
04 Lights Out
05 Puppets
06 Anchor
07 Silence Says It All
08 Flatline
09 Watch It Fade
10 Hit The Ground
11 Daylight