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CONFESSOR - Uncontrolled

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CONFESSOR had made a name for itself by writing unapologetically heavy riffs, with a unique flare for timing changes. The band had created quite a stir by playing all over the southeast and landing two tours in Europe, including the now legendary "Gods of Grind" tour with Carcass and Entombed. With the release of their debut album, Condemned, the band felt as though their chance was at hand to show the world what they knew, that CONFESSOR was unlike anything else out at the time. Unfortunately, label merging and politics forced CONFESSOR off of the U.S. leg of that famous tour in favor of the latest "new band". Confessor's ongoing struggles with their label led to line up changes that seriously altered the band's trajectory and eventually they disbanded after only a single album was released. Luckily, over the years CONFESSOR’s controversial, yet pioneering sound became accepted and adored by many in the metal community and in 2004 the band reunited for some festival appearances. They have reunited once again for a special appearance at the Maryland Deathfest in 2012.

Uncontrolled is the first time all three Confessor demo tapes have been released officially. These are the demos that helped the band get signed to Earache Records back in 1990 and led to the eventual release of their now ground-breaking, Condemned, debut album. This collection is long overdue and fans have been demanding it for years so we, at Divebomb Records, are happy to oblige them. For the diehards we have unearthed raw archival live footage as part of both an enhanced CD and bonus DVD. For the fans, by the fans.


01 Collapse Into Despair
02 Alone
03 Condemned
04 Uncontrolled
05 Prepare Yourself
06 Suffer
07 The Secret
08 Deception
09 Eve Of Salvation
10 Uncontrolled (Vile Vibes Version)
11 The Secret (Metal Massacre X Version)

12 Words Of Praise (Live at Fame City)
13 Addictive Bind (Live In Raleigh)

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